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NARS Makeup Your Mind Collection - ULTA Exclusive

Hi everyone! New blog, who dis?? Let's get this post started with a NARS Ulta Exclusive! The, "Makeup Your Mind," collection is part of the NARS Fall 2019 release. This collection is kinda genius, if you ask me!

A generous sized face palette filled with their essential, best selling eye shadows, blushes and iconic bronzer; and two mini lipstick duos to choose from!?!? Yes, please!!

It's no secret that NARS has some pretty amazing eye shadows. They recently upgraded their eye shadow formulas to include vitamin E and pomegranate oil. Not only will you get to experience the high pigmentation you'd expect from NARS, but the new formula makes every single shadow feel so smooth and silky.

Eye shadows:

- Hammamet I (matte beige)

- Nepal (shimmering soft rose)

- Pattaya (iridescent copper)

- Fuse (sparkling purple)

- Fez (shimmering cocoa)

- Tropical Express I (shimmering eggplant)

- Sophia (matte rich cool brown)

- Mekong (espresso w/golden shimmer)

On the same line as the eye shadows, NARS has some pretty incredible blushes that range from every shade and finish you can imagine! And, let's not forget their iconic bronzer - Laguna.


- Luster (blush - sheer golden apricot)

- Orgasm (blush - peachy pink w/golden shimmer)

- Dolce Vita (blush - matte dusty rose)

- Laguna (bronzer - diffused brown powder w/golden shimmer)

Last, but certainly not least, the lipsticks are so rich and creamy, you can't even feel you're wearing anything. The color saturation is insane!

- Tonka (matte rose brown)

- Banned Red (satin mulled wine)

- Lovin' Lips (matte light blue-pink)

- Catfight (matte nude mauve)

If you've ever wanted to try NARS, here's your chance! You really do get a lot of bang for your buck and the quality is A+! The face palette retails at $49.00 and each lipstick duo retails for $20.00. Will you be picking this collection up at your nearest Ulta?

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